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Partying is a positive way of thinking about life. Gatherings are relaxing, setting you apart from the daily routines and deadlines. Limo Bus is here to increase the glamour of your parties by giving you easy transportation with its party bus in London

Limo Bus services offer a unique way to make your parties and events even more memorable. Limo Bus services provide you with the luxury of transporting a large group of people to any destination without worrying, as we provide double-deck buses.

For a variety of events and occasions, including birthday parties, weddings, sporting events, business events, group tours, school outings, day trips, and more, Limo Bus has supplied transportation for years, always ensuring that customers get to their destination safely and comfortably.

Being British, we know the yearly celebrations in this land, such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, and other festivals throughout the year. Our party bus in London will cover all these.

Give A Figure Of Your Guest; The Rest Is On Us

We can accommodate all events and party sizes. Ranging from 4-passenger people carriers to 22-passenger party buses. All vehicles are modern, comfortable and equipped with a full range of features, including air conditioning, extra legroom and luggage space. We can always allocate a double-decker bus and employ numerous vehicles if you have more guests attending your event. Our Party buses are driven by experienced and highly trained professionals who take pride in providing the highest service standards.

Affordability And Party Simultaneously

We provide affordable party buses in the UK without sacrificing quality. We understand that throwing a party can be expensive, and we want to help ensure that our clients have a great time without putting an unbearable strain on their budget. That's why we provide a range of affordable party buses, ensuring that our customers can enjoy their time without worrying about breaking their budgets.

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Features Of Limo Bus Party Busses

We know that each occasion is unique and that you desire a shared experience. But regardless of your special event, the elements listed below are a must-have to elevate your party bus experience.

  • Laser disco lights,
  • Sound system with woofer and boosted speakers,
  • Connectors for Bluetooth, USB, and AUX,
  • HDMI connectivity on a smart TV,
  • A cosy leather interior with contemporary decor,
  • Singing microphones,
  • Mini bar,
  • Dancing area,
  • Free wifi and many more

We Are At Your Ease Side

We understand that our customers have unique needs and preferences regarding transportation, so we are happy to accommodate these requests. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and a pleasant customer experience. We strive to offer the most competitive party bus in London.

Call us, email us, or fill out a quote request on our website to get a free quote immediately. If you are willing to make a reservation, we will do so, and we'll take care of everything up until the day of your excursion.


Submit your requests for Limo Hire London enquiries. You’ll receive a quote via email usually within 30 minutes so please give as much information as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you for your special occasion.